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Multiple Controls offer a wide versatility

Totally Analog technology

Really Handmade Boutique Effects

Gold-Plated PCB connections for best conductivity
Through Holes PCBs for better device connections and endurance
True Bypass for transparency
Checked and tested one by one
Wide traces and Cables for best conductivity
Use of the best and internationally renown Electro-mechanical component brands
3 Years Warranty
From 9VDC internal battery to 18VDC by external power supply.
In/Out and Power Jacks at the front to help in chain effect connection
Free Shipping
Low Current LEDs for battery saving
Forged Aluminum Boxes offer endurance and durability

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Cruz Effects - DRIVER MANIAC



245,00  190,00  including IGIC 7%

Special Launch Offer

Cruz Effects - FUZZ MANIAC



254,00  197,00  including IGIC 7%

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