Cruz Effects was born with the idea to offer handmade, high quality analog effects that continues the tradition of the iconic effects that have marked the history of contemporary music. Through our experience in repairing and equipment modification, we decided to propose our vision by adding improvements and wide configuration possibilities in each pedal.

To achieve this, on one hand, we design and hear the result using prototypes under real situations until we are satisfied with their sounds and ‘usability’. On the other hand we use Through Holes PCBs in their production. Selecting, installing, and soldering components and wires by hand, to then checked them one by one before going on sale.

As completely analog effects they offer an organic and responsive sound. As True Bypass they let the signal pass directly, avoiding coloring it. Their multiple configuration possibilities allow you to experience a wide palette of sounds and textures.

The electronic and mechanical components used in their construction are from internationally recognize brands, highly used in analog effects of that era. By this we can assure excellent quality and high-performance effects.

All the pedals are designed, manufactured and tested in our Workshop ampelton engineering located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The processes involved in the manufacturing of these effects are done together with local companies. As our intention is to make most of the production locally, helping to the local technological and industrial development, and in addition offer products and quality support to local artists.

All of this makes Cruz Effects pedals unique pieces which, along with their organic and responsive sound and their wide configuration possibilities will allow you to explore new musical horizons.


Daniel Garrido de la Cruz
MSc Noise & Vibration
MEng Electronics