The equipment warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship during the manufacturing process from the date of purchase until past 3 years.

The equipment will not be in warranty if:

  • It has suffered a strong fall or dent
  • It has been exposed to liquid
  • shows signs to have been exposed to some source of heat
  • shows signs of repair without prior consent from Cruz Effects
  • shows some type of modification to the circuit without prior consent from Cruz Effects
  • Battery leakage
  • If it has been connected to a power supply which does not meet the specifications of the instruction manual.

If there is any defect or problem with the equipment, please contact us through the form in contact explaining which is the problem. Once studied the problem the best solution would be considered, which may be replacement of the pedal without extra charge, or the payment of the repair by a competent local technical service.



Q: Where can I buy the Cruz Effects pedals?
A: We offer two options. The first is through our website www.cruzeffects.com where you can buy our pedals very easily through several online payment services. The second is through one of the authorized stores that feature our products.

Q: Where and how can I get the user manuals for Cruz Effects pedals?
A: The manuals come in the box along with the pedal. They can also be downloaded in pdf format from our website www.cruzeffects.com from the section of each pedal.

Q: How can I check the status of my purchase?
A: Once payment is verified and the shipment done it will be sent to you an email with the tracking number of the order.

Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?
A: No, shipping is included in the total cost of the pedal.

Q: How long does the shipping takes?
A: All shipments are made once a week via Correos (Spain). The time it takes to reach your destination depends on how far is your country/region from Tenerife, Spain.

Q: How much will I have to pay to receive the pedal?
A: Each country has its taxes and customs policies. Because of this we cannot tell you how much you will be charged for receiving the pedal. Keep this in mind when making the purchase as Cruz Effects would not be responsible for these additional costs.

Q: Where can I see the serial number of my pedal?
A: The serial number is located on a label inside the pedal stuck on the back cover. This corresponds with the month and year of manufacturing, will also have the signature of who manufactured it.

Q: What is the warranty of Cruz Effects pedals?
A: You can find the details in the warranty section

Q: Can I return the pedal once purchased?
A: Pedals once purchased can be returned under special circumstances, please read the warranty and return part for further information.

Q: where I can get service for my equipment?
A: We are currently working on the expansion of our distribution and service network. If you have any problem contact us through the contact part to see what type of solution we can offer at the time of the inquiry.

Q: What is the Cruz Effects service rate?
A: Our technical service fee is €36 / h in increments of 10 minutes. You will be charged a minimum of €25 for checking and producing the budget in the event it does not enter the warranty.

Q: If I buy a used Cruz Effects pedal, the warranty is still valid?
A: The guarantee of Cruz Effects pedals is not transferable.

Q: Could Cruz Effects offer remote assistance to repair the unit myself?
A: Cruz Effects does not offer remote assistance for the repair of their equipment. Neither facilitates schemes or circuits of your pedals to individuals.