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Driver Maniac

The Driver Maniac is a completely handmade analog Overdrive Effect using JRC4558D ICs, giving you an organic sound together with a sensitive response to your playing.

Its multiple controls will allow you to obtain different Overdrive ‘colors’, going from a classical Overdrive with a nasal sound and medium gain, to a mixture of a high gain Overdrive and Fuzz sound. At the same time, you would be able to enjoy a transparent Booster when used with the ‘Gain’ set to lower settings.

With the ‘Clip’ selector you would be able to select between three ‘Clipping’ and gain modes. The ‘Freq’ selector can expand or cut the Effect low frequency range to make it fuller and rounder or edgier and sharper.

The ‘Booster’ Footswitch and knob give you control over two output levels. This option is particularly useful when you alternate between rhythmic parts and solos or single string arrangements as arpeggios.

As True Bypass will not color your sound when not engaged.

Tested and checked in the workshop prior to sale.

With this effect you will have at your feet a unique piece that will allow you to explore new musical horizons.

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