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The Fuzz Maniac is a completely handmade analog Fuzz Effect using BC108 Silicon Transistors, giving you an organic sound together with a sensitive response to your playing.

Its multiple controls will allow you to explore all the facets that this effect has passed throughout its history. From the ‘Blown Speaker’ sound as a reminiscence of the 60’s, to a deep high gain Fuzz effect, more in line with the new trends.

‘More’, ‘Edge’ and ‘Fuzz’ controls control the overall gain of the effect, while the ‘Bias’ and ‘Feed’ controls control the sustain and the voltage that feeds him. This will allow you to adjust the effect to your liking making it more aggressive and edgy or rounder and sustained.

You will be also able to configure the frequencies with its two selectors. These allow you to focus your sound by filtering the extra lows that usually generate such effects, as well as decrease the noise level when used with maximum gain.

As True Bypass will not color your sound when not engaged.

Tested and checked in the workshop prior to sale.

With this effect you will have at your feet a unique piece that will allow you to explore new musical horizons

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