Warranty and Returns


Our pedals carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty for any problem related to the function or operation of that pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. Cruz Effects Pedals sold Internationally carry a 3 year Limited Warranty.  We do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse. However, we will repair problems that are out from under our warranty like the above at a very reasonable price.


Aftermarket changes to a guitar pedal typically void original manufacturer’s warranty in almost all circumstances. We cannot and will not be able to offer warranty coverage to a part that we did not design, manufacture, or alter during the building process.



All items purchased from authorized Cruz Effects Dealers are subject to the Dealer’s terms and conditions for Returns.  Items purchased from authorized Cruz Effects Dealers would not be returned directly to Cruz Effects.

Any item(s) purchased directly from cruzeffects.com can be returned for refund under the circumstances that you return the item with original packaging, in perfect mechanical, functional, and cosmetic condition and within 48 hours of receiving the item(s).  Upon receiving the returned item, Cruz Effects staff will inspect and test the item to verify it is in “new” condition, and in perfect working order.  Upon the item(s) passing inspection, we will issue a refund or contact you with any questions/concerns.

Cruz Effects retains the right to charge a re-stocking fee on Returned Items that were shipped back to us within 48 hours of receiving the item(s) but that were found to be in less than new condition either functionally, mechanically, or cosmetically.  Any item(s) received and kept for more than 48 hours are automatically deemed non-refundable and will not be accepted for return even if found to be in “new” condition and perfect working order.


We are humans, therefore no a 100% perfect. We are happy to repair Cruz Effects Pedals when something seems to be going wrong. We also repair non-Cruz Effects brand pedals in our workshop ampelton engineering.  Our builders are more than capable of helping get all your gear and pedals back in working condition! Please use our Support Inquiry page to contact us about a repair or questions about a malfunctioning pedal. We´ll answer as soon as possible.